New Hair Creations

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Solutions For Men


If you wish to add more volume, fullness, or length, there are numerous options available to create a positive youthful image. For many men, women, and children who are concerned with thinning hair, major hair loss or undergoing chemotherapy, NHC will inform you on many ways to create a custom look just for you.


We specialize in custom made hair systems that are designed only for you, beautiful handmade human wigs, integration systems, and hair extensions that will give you beautiful fullness and length. NHC hair restoration specialists are happy to assess your hair replacement needs, provide helpful advice and recommend the most appropriate solution. We are here to support you throughout the entire process by educating you on how to properly care for your new look and how to maintain healthy hair growth.

Ventilation for Men

We offer a tissue-thin PU graft with a random ventilation pattern which gives a natural look, the hand-tied knotting technique provides a freestyle hair direction for versatile styling. Their natural appearance and unparalleled styling versatility allows our clients can wet it down and brush it back-it’s truly unbelievable. 


   Integration Systems 

For men, women and children experiencing partial hair loss, integration systems are an ideal solution. The integration system adds hair where it is most needed and, when fitted, the client's hair is integrated with the added hair. Our expertise at hair color and texture selection makes it almost impossible to differentiate between the hair of the client and that in the system.


Hair systems attach to your scalp or existing hair and are then cut to blend in with your hair. It will not cause damage to your scalp or existing hair. As your hair grows out maintenance appointments are needed every one to two months.

The base of the integration system allows water and shampoo through, so you wash and style your hair as normal. And there is no need to change an active lifestyle; you can continue to participate in sports, including swimming.


Due to the nature of chemotherapy, all hair will likely be lost so an integration system is not a suitable option. NHC offers a wide arrange of custom hand-tied human hair wigs. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of the hair system when hair loss is due to medical conditions. We provide assistance with insurance claims and cooperative services with Doctors and other Medical Professionals.

NonSurgical Hair Restoration

  • Custom  hair systems for partial or complete hair loss

  • Hair integration systems for thinning hair

  • Micro Ring/Linking Solutions

  • Color and texture matching

  • Fitting, cutting and styling

  • Full service maintenance

  • Head wraps, turbans,& wigs 

 Full Cap Design

Our full cap design replicates the look of naturally growing hair by combining grafting into a cap that is customized to fit your needs. We can offer the durability you want and the security you need. Natural appearance is valued by our clients